Flag Question

I have a question. This is the police line from Selma, AL on March 7, 1965 a few minutes before they attacked a march by United States citizens campaigning for their constitutional right to vote.

Now, here is the question; what do you suppose the flags were for, or represented to the police and their supporters? Did they just happen to be at a reenactors’ meeting and did not have time to put away everything? Were they celebrating the Confederate defeat at Wyse Fork, NC 100 years ago that day? Were they in opposition to the United States flags carried by some marchers? And as a corollary, why did no one in the police group nor their supporters carry a United States flag that day?

You know exactly why they were carrying those flags, as well as I do. And there are so many, many more pictures like this one.

But please, I would like to hear some responses.



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