Anyone Can Do Science

I have run into an interesting situation. While many of you are highly complimentary of the various long posts I put on Facebook (even if you don’t click “like”), there are some people who are not. In fact, not only do they dislike them, but they insist that I have no right to even make those posts.

Can you guess who they are?

Surprise, surprise, they are religious Fundamentalists and are upset at anything that contradicts their particular brand of ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not ALL the Fundamentalists; there are some who have asked me for help to develop their own ideas, or have said that they now want to do more research after a conversation. Be that as it may, the complainers are all Fundamentalists.

The basis for their argument is usually that only someone from an accredited college with a degree in the right subject can make such statements. Hmm…

My first response is, “Do you have such a degree? If not, why are you discussing this yourself?” Also, with the state of college accreditation in the United States (there is no central accreditation bureau), if I set up an accreditation bureau, and then establish colleges that only I accredit, can one truly say that they are accredited? This has been done by several religious groups in America. Or what if I set up a degree mill like Patriot Bible University, which offered doctorates in Christian Education at $37 per credit hour. Look up “Dr.” Kent Hovind for a reference. When I also point out that most of their favorite radio talk hosts, news personalities, and preachers don’t have these degrees (often no degrees at all except honorary), that is usually it for them.

But, I save my best for last. By their logic, their favorite personalities, and themselves included, can NEVER comment on Science again, unless they get a real science degree from an accredited university, like I have. Quod erat demonstrandum.

In actually, almost of my research has done by accredited people, and all I am doing is distilling it down for you, with a few of my own insights included. And some witty sarcasm. smile emoticon

But, there was one hold out, and that it the root of today’s post. He said, “Well, that doesn’t matter. Religion is something special, but ANYBODY can do science!” I smiled and said, “Yes, anybody can do science.”

One of my favorite commercials right now is where a little girl toddler is excitedly pointing and calling out “Da moon, da moon.” Her father checks his phone to see where the telescope he ordered is in transit, and he and his preschooler will discover Astronomy together.

Anybody CAN do Science. You don’t have to be smart; you can be from any ethnic or sociological group, any culture. You can learn for awhile, and stop and restart, or go off in an entirely different direction. And if you discover something that no one ever knew before, you will be hailed by the entire science community, not set on fire for upsetting doctrine.

Science doesn’t hate other people because they don’t read the same science books. People don’t invade countries to murder, rape and steal in the name of Science. No scientists strap bombs to themselves and blow up other people’s science conventions. Scientists don’t have other scientists and their followers butchered over minor points in Quantum Theory. And no scientist ever says to anyone that they will suffer eternal torments if they don’t believe the exact same doctrinal points of Science that the speaker believes.

Let’s face it folks, only religious people do that. There are some of you who right now believe that other people deserve or will earn eternal suffering for disagreeing with you. That smacks of Pride, and we all know how that is classified in church.

Science WANTS you to disagree; to find the holes in doctrine, to further refine our knowledge.

Religion has done some good things around the world. Art, literature, holding some societies together in times of trouble. There are millions of people around the world right now helping their fellow man because they love God so much. And look at the outpouring of generosity during the Christmas Season. (And it IS the Christmas Season. That is how it is listed in the Federal Register of holidays.) We should all take joy in this massive expression of love.

I encourage all of you to take a look at Science. The only things you need to bring are an Inquisitive Heart and an Open Mind.There is really nothing to be afraid of. You ideas WILL be challenged. It can take you in literally any direction you wish to go. I promise you, you will never be the same again.



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