Army Lists Christians as Hate Groups Myth


This is one of those stories that somebody hears and through the access of the internet and other media it gets a life of its own.

A Lt. Col. at Ft. Campbell issued a directive warning troops against association with certain groups, and the next thing I see is “Army lists Christians at hate groups!”

Let me help those who don’t understand. Army Regulation 190-24 (Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards and Off-Installation Liaison and Operations) was set up to help service members with their activities off post. It is mostly targeted towards organizations who rip off impressionable young soldiers, prostitution, health hazards, etc.

Here’s the kicker. The regulation leaves it up to the local area commander, this board, or his/her designate what is out of bounds. Read that last sentence again. There is a process for designating such places, and a way for said places to get themselves removed from the exclusion list.

Where local commanders get their lists of “hate groups” is up to them. Again, there is an appeal process, and one can always try to send their appeals to that commander’s commander. (They all have one)

So, it is a local issue not a nationwide conspiracy. If you encounter something that sounds weird, I encourage you to do some research. Or, ask me, and I will help you research.


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