Broaden Your Horizons

I used to work a lady named Mary. She was from an affluent Christian family. Her religion expressed itself in hatred for those who were different, especially Iraqis. You see, her son was in the 101st Airborne Division, and he was serving in Iraq.

(If your child joins an elite division in wartime, one should expect combat service).

She and her family had some very expensive computer needs. I suggested Mediatech; to me the best computer store in Nashville. However, it is run by Iraqi Kurds.

She was very much against the idea, but necessity and saving money overruled artificial concerns. I had visited the store already to let them know her situation.

When we arrived, my Kurdish friends thanked her for her son’s service, and treated her with all of the hospitality typical of Middle Eastern homes. To be generous, she was stand-offish, but they devoted over a hour to her particular computer needs, and she got an excellent deal.

One day at work, she approached me and said that she had gone back to Mediatech to apologize for her rude behavior. She said that she had not been a very Christian person for some time, and was going to reevaluate a lot of her actions and attitudes.

I found out later that she went back several times for family computers, and sent her friends there as well.

People can change. It usually takes exposure to Reality as opposed to Assumptions. I read/hear all kinds of things from prejudiced people, who know everything, but have often not even left their region of the country.

I am lucky. I have been to five continents; eaten a feast from communal bowls; ridden a Bedouin horse in the desert, along with camels and donkeys in different places; learned dirty words in Hindi; talked philosophy and women late into the night; and seen how people worship God in so many ways. I have even been told how surprised they were to meet me, since they had assumed that all Americans were jerks!

People are people wherever you go. Take some time to reach out to someone in a faraway place, online if you cannot travel. You will make a new friend, and your family will get bigger.


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