The simple elegance of DNA and RNA. There is so little of it in you, but it is in every cell except red blood.

It carries the chemical codings that make you you. Yet, almost all of it is non-coding, which means it does not code protein sequences. This is sometimes called “junk DNA” but this is a misnomer. We have discovered that it can be “switched on” if you can just find the right chemical key.

This is probably the biggest earth bound discovery in history. It has allowed scientists to go on a massive treasure hunt, mapping every living thing and fossils. It solves court cases and will help us to cure most diseases one day.

Some people are frightened of DNA, as it challenges deep held beliefs. The irony, of course, is that their fears are chemical reactions themselves, probably from primordial instincts stored in their own double helixes.

As I said the other day, Science is the ultimate big tent, and there is nothing to fear, and everything to gain.

To recap; what makes you you is a very tiny part of a tiny part of your total mass.

You are unique in the universe, like a snowflake. And that makes you special.



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