Empowerment of Women

In his poem, “Types of Women” or just “Women”, Semonides of Amorgos, a 7th century BC Greek poet, described the ten types of women.

Zeus made men and women differently, and the poem divides women into types categorized by animals or earth elements, such as “Fox Woman”, “Sea Woman”, “Ape Woman”, based on their looks, personality, and actions. Only the “Bee Woman” is considered good.

As the poem states:
“But by the grim contrivances of Zeus
all these other types are here to stay
side by side with man forever. Yes,
Zeus made this the greatest pain of all:

The Empowerment of Women is still one of the Great Issues that the human race struggles with, and probably will for some time. Women are blamed for bringing evil into the world by many religions, treated as property in the past and even today, often kept uneducated or not allowed to hold positions of authority, either in their churches or governments. Even in countries where women have gained, there are strong reactionary forces trying to return things to “the good old days.” I know several women who think themselves inferior to men, or whom allow a man to do their thinking for them.

Chris Hitchens once said, “The cure for poverty has a name, in fact: it’s called the empowerment of women. If you give women some control over the rate at which they reproduce, if you give them some say, take them off the animal cycle of reproduction to which nature and some doctrine—religious doctrine condemns them, and then if you’ll throw in a handful of seeds perhaps and some credit, the floor of everything in that village, not just poverty, but education, health, and optimism will increase.”

If you have read my posts, you know that I think women are wonderful, the fully equal partners in humanity’s quest for greatness. No one had to grant them that status; they earned it with their blood, sweat, and tears. While the Orthodox thank God every day in their prayers for not making them a women, I am thankful every day for women; the mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who make life worth living.

I shall quote from another work called “Women”, from the great Def Leppard.

“One part love, one part wild
One part lover, one part child
A whole lotta fire, a little bit of ice
A whole lotta somethin’ you can’t sacrifice”


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