End of the World, Again

I was getting worried. I did not hear of any kooks predicting the end of the world in 2014. However, I did a little research, and there are some.

There were some who said the Vikings predicted the end of the world on February 22nd, even though they used a different calendar. However, I did not hear Heimdallr blow his trumpet, and Odin All-Father did not call me to fight in Ragnarok, so I guess the meek will have to wait to inherit the earth a bit longer.

Anybody else? Well, there are the small groups that proclaim the world will end every other day, so eventually they will be right. And the usual misreadings of Nostradamus predicting World War III at the end of the 5th sun. It seems we will have a year relatively free of kookdom.

I was looking forward to the halls of Valhalla.


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