Francis Miller – Religious Terrorist

Meet Francis Glenn Miller and his family. Glenn is a former Army Master Sergeant, with 20 years of service, 13 of which was in the Special Forces, and two tours in Vietnam. He has run in multiple elections as a Republican, Democrat, and Independent. He is a strong advocate of family values, gun rights, traditional marriage, placing troops on the border, and wants to take back America from the flood of immigrants to this country.

He also murdered three people on April 13, 2014 in Overland Park, Kansas because he thought they were Jewish. A 14-year-old boy, Reat Griffin Underwood, Eagle Scout, and his grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, were killed at the Jewish Community Center while visiting for an audition. They were members of the United Methodist Church. A third as yet unidentified female was also killed. Mr. Miller is a former (?) member of the Klu Klux Klan and ex-felon.

Glenn has a website, (cute name) in which he spews his hatred of inferior races. The irony is that all of his murder victims were white. Glenn’s website is full of gun-toting militia pictures, where he vacillates between supporting blacks and Arabs, and hating them at the same time. However, there is no relenting in the hatred of Jews and ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government, an imagined organization that intentionally is made to sound like Gog and Magog, biblical nations mentioned in the Book of Revelations that herald the end of times. “When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the Earth—Gog and Magog—and to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore.”

Some quotes from Mr. Miller:
“White men have become the biggest cowards ever to walk the earth. The world has never witnessed such yellow cowards. We’ve sat back and allowed the Jews to take over our government, our banks, and our media. We’ve allowed tens of millions of mud people to invade our country, steal our jobs and our women, and destroy our children’s futures. America is no longer ours. America belongs to the Jews who rule it and to the mud people who multiply in it.”
– U.S. Senate radio ad, 2010

“Our forefathers were absolutely right to be racists and to discriminate in favor of themselves. That racism and discrimination insured racial security, prosperity, and racial survival and procreation.”
– “Cowardice is the White Man’s Survival Strategy!”

The sad thing is that, except for the hatred of Jews, I hear the same words 6 days a week on the two main talk radio stations here. (Saturday are repeat shows.) They tell us that we are “losing our country”, and need to “take it back”, hold seminars are why certain religions are evil and must be destroyed, while politicians come on the air advocating branding some religions as automatic terrorists, sheriff run militias, and openly carrying of firearms in your hand in public, and stating that non-whites/non-Christians need to be “driven out of Tennessee.” I could publish the quotes here just from this week, but I am trying to keep this article shorter. You will tell me that Mr. Miller is just an extreme example of this, but is he? On the radio, the announcer decried the murders, and then went right back into his usual comments, like somebody doing the sports scores after discussing flood damage on the news.

Perhaps I have watched too much Start Trek, traveled the world too much, or think too much for myself. Maybe I have been to too many religious services at a wide variety of churches/temples/mosques. Perhaps the Army I love so much says that “We are all Green” (more Universal Camouflage Pattern now). Perhaps I was too impressed by Drill Sergeant Percy McFadden, my black drill instructor who, after several weeks in the field still looked like he just stepped out of a recruiting poster. (The man once picked me up single-handed and set me on my feet when I was sinking into a muddy hillside under the weight of full rucksack, M-60 machine gun, and thousands of rounds of ammo.) Perhaps I am just another “race traitor.”

If the day ever comes and the bill gets passed, I believe that my sheriff will want to recruit me into the county approved militia, with my lifetime of firearms knowledge, and 32 years of weapons of mass destruction expertise. Or maybe I will have to be detained.

We will never know if Reat would have won a place in the audition. His corpulent grandfather loved him so much, and will no longer practice family medicine. One of them died on the scene, while the other bled out in the hospital. If you have never seen what a shotgun does to the human body, I hope that you never find out. Mindy Corporon, mother and daughter of the victims, said, “I know that they’re in heaven together.”

America has its share of problems, like every other place on earth. Blaming them on certain religions, political parties, and races is just bumper sticker politics, a form of demagoguery known since ancient times. We can solve anything if we all work together.

Andrew Frennier's photo.

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