Frennier Family

This post is for my children, and the Frennier Family Group. Many of you might not know the origination of our mutual name, nor the significance it holds.

Pictured is a Fraxinus Ornus, which is the origin of our union. Our name means “Of or by an ash tree/grove of ash trees.” So, we are the Family of the Ash Tree.

Our people are or Gaulish/Germanic descendent, and in both Latin and Old English our tree name means “Spear.”

Among our ancestors, the ash tree holds great significance. Yggdrasil, the massive World Tree that connects the Nine Worlds is an ash tree. When the gods made mankind out of wood, Askr (first man) was from an ash tree and Embla (first woman) was from an elm tree.

Odin All Father, in his quest to gain ultimate knowledge and conquer death, sacrificed himself to himself on an ash tree for nine days and nights, with his spear thrust into his side. This tree may or may not have been Yggdrasil.

Our family is larger than you think. Common variations include Frenier, Lafrenier, Frenierla, Frenire, etc. I have found many in various searches. An area of Louisiana mostly under Lake Pontchartrain holds our name, and Frenier Landing Restaurant is still there to visit.

We have been a family of warriors and healers, teachers and poets, farmers and factory workers, and a hundred other honorable professions. We have been blessed to have added to ourselves so many other wonderful families, and like the tree and its branches we continue to grow.

Like Yggdrasil, the ash tree binds us all together in love. If you do not have an ash tree in your yard, I encourage you to plant one. Think of your loved ones every time you view it.



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