Get Vaccinated

Over this summer, you might recall that I did research, and could not find a single political party organization or politician with a real science adviser. At that time, I showed the anti-science bent of many of these people and said that medicine was next.

That first came true with the (false) announcements that doctors in the US were purposely allowing Ebola to spread. That all suspiciously ended after the elections, if you noticed. Now, Republican candidates seem to be rushing to be the “most against” vaccinations.

Seriously people? THIS is what you want running the country? I know that they want a return to “the good old days” before wage and safety laws and most people voting, but before healthcare as well? Do you want to bet that THEIR families skip their shots? You know they don’t. If you only investigate, you will see that they usually do not practice what they preach.

Please. Even if you don’t believe in science, home-school your kids because you fear what they will learn, don’t believe that refracted light rays can make things warmer, blame minorities and the poor for all of the country’s ills, or think that the world will end tomorrow (21 centuries and counting), GET YOUR SHOTS! AND YOUR KIDS AS WELL!

I know that Mark 7:1-8 called it a “human tradition” to wash your hands, and that you shouldn’t do it. But is is as wrong as Mark 7:15 which said “There is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile.” Billions of things are waiting to defile you. It was a metaphor.

If you are not flying away soon, you at least owe your children a good and happy life. Give them a chance to grow up healthy and have families of their own. And don’t vote for people who play on your fears.

You are a smarter, better nation than that. You deserve leaders who treat your minds and bodies with respect.


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