Haters Gotta Hate

“Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate
Ballers, they gonna ball
Shot callers, they gonna call
That ain’t got nothin’ to do
With me and you
That’s the way it is
That’s the way it is”

Playas Gon’ Play by 3LW

This is the first recorded use of the term “haters gonna hate.” In the song, a girl is telling her boyfriend that people are going to do what they do, and none of it will affect their mutual love.

It is commonly used now to dismiss the negative views a person expresses, as stating that they are a hater and therefore cannot help their nature.

As you know, I am a scientist, and love to research things. So this is a thought experiment. Why do haters gotta hate? Do you hate someone/something that would fall into this definition? What about situations where you see this; how does it make you feel, and what do you do?

As an experiment, there are no correct answers, and please feel free to be candid and detailed. Nobody will be allowed to hate on you for the truth.


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