Hating the Hand That Feeds You

I like seeing the posts where various people show their manly bravado by posting things against different foreigners, as if a quote somehow protects their wounded virility.

The fact of the matter is that trillions of dollars have been invested in the US economy from foreign sources; yes even Arab countries.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans owe their livelihoods to these people. I personally know several people who make small minded comments and then go to their foreign owned job, and don’t even realize. If you add in Chinese, Japanese, British, and other owned companies, and the companies where said groups own a partial control, it becomes almost universal.

One example is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. He is the second biggest stockholder in News Corp. which owns Fox News. He only owns less than 10%, but his influence made it possible for Murdoch to get it started. And they are good friends.

It’s a global world, peeps. If you don’t like the Japanese cars, Chinese goods at Walmart and Target, just turn off your foreign made tv and computer and go into hiding.

The rest of us will be enjoying communications and commerce undreamed of by our ancestors.


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