History of Training Troops

September 2014

The United States has had a very poor record of training foreign armies since 1945.

The first was the Korea Military Advisory Group in 1948. They trained the South Korean military to a strength of 95,000 and openly boasted that they wished the North would attack.

When that attack did come on June 25, 1950 the South Korean army was shattered, and 5 days later they were down to 22,000, a loss of 77%! Only American intervention saved South Korea.

Yet, the KMAG was considered a major success. It has been used as a model for all major training programs since.

The style works for low grade insurgencies (with US backing) but fails in big fights.

The South Vietnamese Army, fourth largest on earth and the most expensive one we had built up to that time, routed and ceased to exist in 3 1/2 months.

This week, the Capitol of Yemen fell to rebels, with army units vanishing.

The War on Terror is the most expensive conflict in history, and much of the funds went to train two armies and pay their expensive “elite” trainers.

Iraq is torn apart by civil war, and we are dropping bombs on the very equipment we gave the government. The army is in tatters and everyone is relying on militias.

The Afgan army has trained over a decade, and we will still have to leave troops “to help out.” The former communist government lasted three years after all the Russians left. Let’s see what happens.

I think we need to ask all these trainers for our money back.


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