How to Kiss

When you want to kiss a woman, first take her in your arms. Let her rest her head against your chest. Allow her to hear how her presence alone causes your heart to beat faster. Ask her to tell you her thoughts and feelings since you last saw her, even if it was just a few minutes ago. It is important for her to clear away any negative factors, and know that you truly want to hear what she has to say.

When she is done, look deeply into her eyes, searching for her soul fire. Really look at her, memorizing every contour on her face. What she feels are imperfections become the new standard of Perfection for you. Let her know how you truly feel for her.

When you move to kiss her, do it with the same anticipation of that first ever kiss. Clear you mind of every thought. She is all there is, and ever will be. Kiss like it is the beginning of Time, like the last final act of a dying Universe. There is no before; there is no after. There is only you, her, and the kiss.

If you do this right, time will stand still. When the kiss is over, hold her to you again, to ease the ache in your heart as your whole being wishes to be back in that kiss. Tell each other how you feel again.

That is how you should kiss, every time.


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