Intelligent Design for Vikings

In every school season, there are cries to “Teach the Controversy!” in schools. And I agree.

My ancestors believed that the world was formed when Odin and his two brothers slew the Frost Giant Ymir. From his corpse the world was formed, and all life developed. The first man Askr “ash tree” and the first woman Embla “elm tree”, formed from wood, were blessed by three gods.

If this is not taught in every science class in Tennessee, I will have to sue in the Supreme Court!

Then, I will go down to Texas and force them to print in text books that Odin was a guiding principle of the Founding Fathers. Far more of our legal system and values come from Norse Law rather than Mosaic Law.

As additional proof, I will show that in this holiday season, we are surrounded by symbols of Odin and Norse beliefs, while Mose only gets one movie.

(If you know what symbols I am mentioning, please do not put them in the comments. I do not want to ruin things for folks. They will be deleted.)

We wait for the day when Heimdallr blows his horn to call us to battle at the end of the world.

Watch the video, “Viking Mythology” on Youtube and answer Floki’s question for yourself.


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