Jesus in the Quran

Today’s fun info:
Isa lbn Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) is a major figure in the Quran. He appears in 93 verses.

According to the Quran, an unmarried woman named Maryam was visited by the angel Gabriel who said that she would give birth to a great prophet through the will of God alone. Jesus was born in a virgin birth.

When he was older, God revealed a new scripture called Al-Injil (the Gospels) while declaring the truth of the previous al-Tawrat ( the Torah) and Al-Zabur (the Psalms). He gathered a group of disciples and preached the new gospel until he was arrested. Here, the Quran differs from the usual modern ideas. It states that Jesus was lifted up to heaven alive, and only appeared to be crucified and died to the crowds. There were a number of Christian sects that believed the same thing before they were stamped out. Also, while he had a divine birth, the Quran does not say He was the Son of God. Again, quite a number of early Christian sects (and all Jews) believed the same thing, until they were suppressed.

Muslims believe that the Gospels were corrupted by people such as St. Paul, and so a new prophet (Muhammad) and a new revelation (the Quran) had to be sent 600 years later.

At some future time, the Quran says that Jesus will return to save the world, and unite mankind in peace and justice.

Interesting, huh?


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