Our True Heritage

There is a current flag controversy, so time to jump in. For those of us who actually swore loyalty to the United States of America (soldiers, government officials, etc.) it is a no brainer; if you are a citizen and show loyalty to a failed state that tried to destroy the unity of the United States, you are a traitor.

The Confederate State is of America lasted less than 5 years, so the heritage thing seems pretty slim. That part of the world has been colonized for over 400 years. Why don’t you fly British, French, or Spanish flags, since the states were part of those nations FAR longer than the CSA? Hell, Sanford and Son lasted longer than the Confederacy; wear pictures of Redd Foxx. Redd Foxx was from Detroit, so maybe you should switch to BB King. Oliver Hardy was from Georgia; wear little bowler hats.

The CSA was only recognized by one tiny state in Germany (the leader’s wife encouraged him), and rejected by the entire remainder of the human race. The current Islamic State has about as much diplomatic success, and they are not even trying. The king of Siam offered elephants to President Lincoln to fight the CSA!

A lot of ex-confederates wanted to fight the United States again, and that I think is the real reason. It makes them feel like “rebels”. I own “The Lost Cause” and I can see how it makes some nostalgic. The League of the South wants to secede. I hear politicians and others say the South will rise again. Please do. Stop talking about it, show some balls and go ahead! We are tired of the little boasts we have to listen to daily. We Americans will be waiting for you and your defeat will be even more complete than last time.

The heritage of the South is our culture and way of life. Many people around the world tell me they are envious of us. The laid back ways, evenings on the porch, big barbecues with friends and family, rushing home for football after church on Sundays, visits to mommaandthems kind of life. Music of all kinds. Pickup trucks and dirty knees, “yes sir” and “no ma’am”, NASCAR and SEC, and women who put the Roman and Greek goddesses to shame. At the same time, we are becoming modernized with world-class health treatment, foreign car manufactures, and more and more company headquarters wanting to move here. They want to BE us.

So, for those of us who wear an American flag on our right shoulder, we know where our loyalty lies. And we will defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. God Bless America.


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