Robin Williams

Today we lost one of my idols, Robin Williams. His improv skills and rapid fire humor were the major influences on my own comedic development. My friends and I would listen to his records and shows, copying his style to make others laugh.

The list of characters he created was endless; I saw him in The Butler just this weekend. Who can forget Aladdin’s genie? He had four movies that were in the works. He conquered any type of role, and his humorous background made him a truly frightening villain in some of his best films. I never thought they could make the Bicentennial Man properly, but he pulled it off with ease.

Like so many great comedians, Williams was a tortured soul, his comedy a balm to cover deep anguish inside. He made others laugh to mask his own tears. My thoughts are with his family.

The next chance you get, please watch one of his many works, and smile at his genius. I will watch What Dreams May Come, for both the writer (Richard Matheson) and the artist (Robin Williams) are now gone.

Thank you, Robin Williams, for enriching my life. You will forever be a part of me.



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