Stress Reduction

When you want to reduce a woman’s stress, the best way is to do something romantic, and remind her how important she is. Complacency is the greatest enemy of a romance. Some of my favorites are random flowers, or little notes or presents hidden in her purse, car, or work area. (Co-workers can be a great help with this). Just something to say, “I am thinking of you, and I love you.”

This one can be done at any time.After a hard day, hold her in your arms for awhile. Don’t speak, just hold each other. When you are ready start to slow dance. You don’t need music, but some like it. Just revolve slowly, and ask her to tell you all about it. Pay total attention as she pours out all of her anxieties to you. You can do the same. Problems shared are more easily resolved. Continue to dance and dance, and you will feel all of those stresses melt away.

If you end the dance with one of those kisses I described earlier, it would be the perfect ending, and perhaps the beginning of something more.

After that, whenever one of you needs some special time, just look at your beloved and say “Dance with me.”

You cannot go wrong.


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