Tennessee Terrorist Training Foot Baths Invade the State Capitol

March 2014

Several of you have heard me tell this story, and so I decided to share this tale with all of you.

A few years ago, there was a $16M renovation of the Tennessee State Capitol building.

Renovations in the Tennessee state capitol building raised the eyebrows of some state lawmakers when they saw what some believed to be a foot bath to be used by Muslims to wash their feet before prayer. The sink, which was installed in a men’s restroom outside the House chambers, immediately caused concern among some legislators. According to Senate Clerk Russell Humphrey, he was approached by two Republican lawmakers–Senator Bill Ketron and Representative Judd Matheny who were worried about the intended purpose of the sink. Their fears were quickly allayed when they learned that the sink was replacing an old wall mounted sink. The floor placement of the new sink was intended to make it easier for custodians to fill mop buckets and rinse mops.

For those of us who have actually done manual labor and mopped floors, the object was obvious.

Afterwards, one of the legislators (Ketron) admitted his mistake while the other (Matheny), in direct violation of the ninth commandment, pretended that he did not know what people were talking about, and implied that the clerk was a liar.



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