The Greatest Story Ever Told Again and Again

There is a story…

A virgin was visited in a dream, and told that she would give birth to the savior. While traveling, she had the child far from home. That night, the sky was filled with wonders and angels proclaimed him the savior of the world. Astrologers visited the babe, and proclaimed him a king and a wise man.

Around the age of 29 – 30, the man gave up his lifestyle, gathered a group of followers, and spent the rest of his life preaching that people could find happiness by being good to each other.

Do you know this story?

You should. It is the story of the Buddha.

It is interesting how, except for regional differences, the same stories appear all over the world.

There are two theories of why.

One is parallel situations. The sun comes up, crops grow, and things die. People develop ideas why these happen, and they follow similar patterns.

The other is transfer. Traveling merchants and priests bring these ideas to new peoples.

Perhaps there are other theories, ones that have not been properly explored yet.


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