The Socialist Nation of Israel

For all those types who hate universal healthcare but go on and on about Israel; Israel has had socialized medicine since the founding of the country in 1948.

In 1973, all employers were forced to provide insurance to their employees.

In 1995, the National Health Insurance Law came into effect, and all Israeli citizens are forced to buy insurance from one of four Health Maintenance Organizations. These HMOs are required to pay for a designated list of medical services, while others are provided directly from the government. This replaced the previous laws.

Members can change plans annually, and buy supplemental insurance for additional services.

The government imposed a health related tax, and pays the HMOs directly (single payer system). Government oversight is imposed over the HMOs.

Those serving in the military have their medical costs paid directly by the government (similar to Tricare). This includes up to 2 free abortions for female soldiers.

And would you believe, people travel there exclusively from around the world to be treated by this socialist, single payer system.



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