Toture Report

From December 2014

When I was learning to be a soldier in ROTC and at Cavalry School, I was taught that the Americans were the “Good Guys.” We operated on a standard higher than those around us, and did not stoop to the barbarism of other nations.

A cursory examination of US military history puts the lie to what I was taught, but it is a good ideal. I hold to it, and it has probably stopped some truly horrible things from occurring.

Today the Torture Report comes out, and in its reduced 400 pages shows that we were not the Good Guys in the War on Terror.

I heard an intelligence representative state today that hey, intelligence is bad people doing bad things for good reasons. I can personally attest to this, having worked with them in the past. Sacrificing our Ideals to save our Ideals always seemed like hypocrisy to me.

The most common excuse I here is “the Bad Guys did it, so we should too.” This is a simple minded and short sighted response. Let me reverse the statement for you. “The United States did it, so other countries can do it to us.” What would this entail?

You are authorizing other countries to use biological and chemical weapons against our civilians, fire bomb or nuke our cities. Rain down cluster bombs, cruise missiles , and drones on us. To place thousands of troops in our nation to install a “friendlier government.”

Do you still agree with that statement? Or what if you say “we can do those things but nobody can do it to us.” Your hypocrisy would be evident to the whole world.

The United States signed the Geneva Conventions, which apply to ALL opponents, not just other signatories. Read them. Our military has the Unified Code of Military Justice as our code of conduct.

In the Gulf War I helped to guard over 10,000 Iraqi prisoners. I would have used whatever force was appropriate to protect them from harm from anybody, as I was taught to.

America is better than this. We can be the example to others, or just another state using whatever means to get our way. It is really up to you, and whatever moral code you live by.


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