Donald Watson coined the term “vegan” in 1944. It originally meant “non-dairy vegetarian”. It started with the idea of not hurting animals, and eliminating “toxins” from one’s diet, although what these are was never defined. He lived to be 95, never smoking, drinking, going to church, or picking up a rifle to defend others.

His ideas have grown into an elitist snobbery, done not to protect life, but to show that one is better than those around them.

There are even degrees of veganism now, taken to ridiculous extremes.

For example, a person told me his college friend was a “fifth degree vegan”, defined as someone who ate nothing that cast a shadow.

Once I stopped laughing, my daughter and I tried to determine what this person could consume. It was difficult, as even a sheet of paper casts a shadow. Two dimensional objects would be impossible to pick up, but we finally discovered one thing.

Black holes.

Black holes in space absorb all light in their crushing gravity well. What aisle can you get these in Krogers?

Doctors contend that vegans need to take supplements to be truly healthy, since their diet excludes much that their body needs.

As a comparison, Winston Churchill lived to about the same age, smoking and drinking heavily, and never exercising for the last two thirds of his life.

Sometimes, the luck of the draw has just as much importance as life style choices.


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