Votes Not Violence

As you may know, I do an awful lot of research, reading what people write and say. My research into the absolute absence of scientific advisers for politicians is one example. There is another one that I think is very interesting.

There is a group of people in this country who hate the government, don’t want their taxes to pay for things they are against, and talk about open rebellion, violence against officials, and secession. Some of them do more than talk.

Here is the irony. Much of the time, they also say that the head of a household (usually husband) should have unquestioned obedience from the spouse and children. This decision maker must be obeyed. Old Testament rules are often used as justification, and some politicians say that US law should be replaced with these rules.

When these people have been in power in the past, they have not tolerated people doing to them what they advocate doing themselves. For example, many parts of the Confederacy (a secession nation) did not want to leave the United States, and violence and confiscation of property was used against those people. Vice President Cheny said that those who voted against the administration should be treated as terrorists under the Patriot Act.

Okay. Perhaps we should hold these people to their own standards. The Old Testament rules are fairly clear on how to handle rebels. And the Epistles of the New Testament say you can forfeit heaven. Maybe they don’t read that far into the book.

How about a different, more modern solution. Why don’t you go to the voting booth, and vote in people who support your views? Sometimes you will win, and sometimes you will lose. We are far stronger as a united whole. A family does not have to be a dictatorship to be successful. Everyone has ideas on how to make things work.

Go out and vote today.


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