Pimps of Fear

Jade Helm ends today, so I guess I shall wait in vain for the apologies from the Pimps of Fear.
However, others are even now announcing the end of the world on September 23, 2015. Yes, that same old same old yet again.

Depending on which idiot you listen to, either a giant asteroid will hit the world, the devil will take over the planet, or else Pope Francis will announce he is the anti-Christ the day he meets with the president. And even more ridiculous pronouncements await if you wish to review them. They just want to ruin Yom Kippur for everyone.

These people tell lies after lies and are wrong year after year, and yet the real tragedy is how many people fall for this again and again. There are enough real problems in the world without playing pretend.

Lighten up people. We can fix them all if we work together.


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