Iran Almost Prevented 9/11

As many of you know, I do an intense study of history, and not just the most common periods and events. More people should do this, instead of just parroting what the news tells them to think about events.

Today I have a small incident you might be interested in.

In 1998, the Islamic Republic of Iran was supporting the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

On August 8, a group of Iranian diplomats and one reporter, Mahmond Saremi, were captured by the Taliban as they overran a Northern Alliance stronghold which had an Iranian consulate. The group were executed, but other consulate personnel were released.

Iran put 70,000 troops on the border, and were fully engaged in planning an invasion of Afghanistan. They would overthrow the Taliban and put the Northern Alliance leaders in charge.

Heavy pressure from many other countries and UN mediation defused the crisis.

Now, just think how different your life would be today if the invasion had occurred. The Iranians would have been fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, who would have had to use all of their resources to fight back. No 9/11; planning for which started after this crisis. No War on Terror. No invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. No Islamic State. And none of the events these things caused.

When the US invaded Afghanistan, they made the same deal with the Northern Alliance and just invaded from the Pakistan side of the country. The Americans even worked with Iranian intelligence, using the information they had gathered. (The rhetoric of today was not present, especially since the people of Iran had held a candlelight vigil in Tehran after they found out about the twin towers. They knew first hand what WMD attacks were like).

August 8 is still named Reporter Day in Iran, after Mahmond Saremi.

Just something for you to think about as you go through your workday.


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